Life is unpredictable

Just wanted to pen down some thoughts after reading a newspaper article…

A TV comedian had passed away suddenly and a fellow actor made this comment, “We had plans to work together again but now he is gone. Life is so unpredictable.”

Indeed, life is so unpredictable. Since young, I’ve always been envisioning what life would be like when I grow up. I would complete my studies, graduate happily with Daddy smiling with pride, get a good job that I like, get married, Daddy walking me down the aisle, have a happy family of my own. Everything was just so perfect. But like I said, life is unpredictable. I never thought that my dad would be nearly too sick to attend my convocation, I certainly never ever thought that my dad would pass away even before I was together with CG. And now as I’m going to get married, my dad is no more around to walk me down the aisle.

Life is unpredictable and many a times, beyond our control. Very often, we take a lot of things for granted, we take a lot of people around us for granted. We always feel that there’s always tomorrow or this person will always be around. I have been taken for granted before and I know how terrible it feels. I have also taken people for granted before and felt really bad about it. So now, I always remind myself to be thankful for the things that God has given to me, to be thankful for the friends, loved ones and family around me. But still, sometimes I fall short.

Life is unpredictable. You’ll never know what is going to happen tomorrow or whether this person will still be there tomorrow. Sometimes it may be due to the busy schedule of our work, the fast pace of our society, or just our pride and ego, that hinders us from showing appreciation to the people around us. So dear friends, act before you regret someday. People thrive on praises and words of appreciation and affirmation, not scoldings and criticisms. Give the people around you a hug of thanks or just simply say “I’m glad you’re in my life”. Because life is unpredictable.

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