Category: Camping and Outdoor Gear

Inflatable Mattress

Bought 2 inflatable mattresses from Taobao Single Mattress Brand: Intex Size: 99cm x 1.91m x 25cm Double Mattress Brand: Intex Size: 1.83m x 2.03m x 25cm Photos (from Taobao)

Tent #3

This year’s addition – given to us by a relative. Never used before. Brand : Alpine Design Model: Horizon 5 Tent Item No : UPC : Size: 10′ by 9′ (3.05m by 2.74m) Height: 74″...

Tent #2

Also bought many years ago Brand : Northwest Territory Model: Northwest Territory Headwater Backpack Dome Item No : UPC : Size: 8′ by 6′ (2.43m by 1.82m) Height: 48″ (1.21m) Photos from internet.

Tent #1

Decided that I should capture the camping equipment I have… or at least the major ones so that I have a quick source of reference First on the list is tent #1, bought from Kmart...