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ROIDMI Vacuum Cleaner X20S

We decided to get a vacuum cleaner. To simplify the selection and comparison, we zoomed into 2 brands – Xiaomi / Roidmi and Dyson. We eventually decided on the Roidmi X20S, primarily because it also...

Mustafa vs Comex

Remember our new 42″ plasma TV from Comex? Well, we were at Mustafa yesterday… it was going for $1349 🙁

Our new 42″ LG plasma TV from COMEX

Yup, we didn’t just buy a washing machine. We also bought a TV (and a colour all-in-one printer). We bought the LG 42PG20R plasma TV during one of the hourly offers. It was a tough...

Our new Samsung washing machine from COMEX

We bought our washing machine at COMEX 2008! We bought a Samsung WF-B1061 washing machine. Here are some of the features (copy and paste from Samsung website) :p 28-min quick wash Compared to other brands’...