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Inflatable Mattress

Bought 2 inflatable mattresses from Taobao Single Mattress Brand: Intex Size: 99cm x 1.91m x 25cm Double Mattress Brand: Intex Size: 1.83m x 2.03m x 25cm Photos (from Taobao)


Tent #3

This year’s addition – given to us by a relative. Never used before. Brand : Alpine Design Model: Horizon 5 Tent Item No : UPC : Size: 10′ by 9′ (3.05m by 2.74m) Height: 74″...


Tent #2

Also bought many years ago Brand : Northwest Territory Model: Northwest Territory Headwater Backpack Dome Item No : UPC : Size: 8′ by 6′ (2.43m by 1.82m) Height: 48″ (1.21m) Photos from internet.


Tent #1

Decided that I should capture the camping equipment I have… or at least the major ones so that I have a quick source of reference First on the list is tent #1, bought from Kmart...


New Backpacks

A lot more luggage space is required for travelling with 3 kids. Recently, we decided to invest in two CabinZero backpacks. Why Backpack? Backpacks suit our travelling style much better. However, backpacks also mean that...

Bicycle Accessories from Decathlon

Bought a few accessories for Kor Kor and I during the 11 Nov sale. (Use ShopBack for more “discount”.) Bicycle Locks – 100 ACCESSORIES LOCK TRI-PACK Theft resistant Safety level rating: 1/10. The security rating...

Bicycle for Kor Kor

舅舅bought the bicycle for Kor Kor. It is what we have been looking to buy.. just waiting for 10.10 sale. BTWIN, HYC 100 ORIG 6-8 WHITE CN FR, 20” from Decathlon Quick description Designed for...

Garmin 645M

Bought my first sports / smart watch. Been eyeing them for quite a while… looking at Suunto, FitBit, Pebble, Apple Watch. Finally decided to reward myself with a purchase last Jul. I bought the Garmin...

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