New Backpacks

A lot more luggage space is required for travelling with 3 kids. Recently, we decided to invest in two CabinZero backpacks.

Why Backpack?

Backpacks suit our travelling style much better.

  • Backpacks allow us to move about with our luggage and with both hands free
  • Backpacks can be more compact if not fully-filled
  • Backpacks are more convenient if there are lots of steps to navigate through

However, backpacks also mean that

  • It will be hard to carry your kids while carrying backpacks
  • Suitcases can function as a toy for kids to get involved. This is not possible with backpacks until they are of a certain age
  • Backpacks can get heavy and tiring

Why CabinZero?

CabinZero backpacks are essentially “no frills”. Forget about support, multiple compartments etc. It is essentially a super huge compartment with 2 straps to carry on your back. In exchange for the lack of features, it is super light weight and relatively small for its carrying capacity. It also packs flat for storage.

CabinZero Classic 44L

This is going to be our main work horse for a few years. A good size for lots of clothes and any other thing you need to bring along. It can be used as a check-in luggage. It is also small enough to be used as a large capacity carry-on luggage.


Typical carry-on luggage limits – 22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm

CabinZero Classic 44L backpack size – 20 cm x 37 cm x 51 cm (It is all cloth. Just press a bit to reduce the width by 2 cm if required to fit.)

Being lightweight, it also means that your check-in or carry-on weight limit is maximised. Do note that a heavier backpack will be harder to lug around. As with all backpacks, when overweight, the cloth and sewing may also start to fray or give way.

(Photos taken off CabinZero website)

CabinZero Classic 36L

The CabinZero Classic 36L is a smaller version of the same backpack. We came across someone selling secondhand on Carousell and decided it would be good to get a smaller one for the kids to use as they grow up.

(Photos taken off CabinZero website)

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