Thank you, P!

Yes, this is an appreciation post for P. I must say, I really really appreciate what he has done for me today.

Some hiccups happened when I was supposed to choose my wedding gown today. Well, to cut the long story short, I was greatly disappointed and was looking for another bridal boutique. P went with me to the original boutique and also rushed down to meet me at the the next boutique. I’m really really thankful and really really appreciate his patience today. I am so glad he was with me today and I’m so glad that things are settled now.  =)  Thanks dear!

For those of you who are curious to know, P drafted and delivered a wonderful bestman’s speech.  =)  I’m not exaggerating, but he really had the whole ballroom’s attention. He was sincere, composed and so natural. The speech was well written and close to the heart. Lest you complain that I’m making a biased comment, let me assure you that others at my table and in the ballroom were impressed as well.  =)

I was at our friend’s wedding dinner last night where there were 5 couples at the same table. The gentlemen were helping out, so they were often not at the table, leaving the ladies to sit there, eat and chit-chat. Somehow the casual chit-chat led me to a conclusion : “There is a Mr/Miss Right out there for everyone.” My good friend, J used to tell me, “If you trust God, things will just fall in place, even in your relationships.  You may not agree with God’s choice, but you’ll soon realise that the one God chose is indeed the most suitable for you.”  I never used to believe in such a statement, but I guess as time goes by, I now agree with it.  =)

I thank God for bringing P into my life because P has indeed made a difference.  I have come to realise that there are some areas where P is so much more competent and I thank God that I have P to lead me. One thing for sure, P is much more calm and composed when things occur.  =)  I’m so glad to have you, dear!  =)

Tomorrow marks the start of another 10 weeks of mad rushing. I believe many in my profession are feeling the blues today.  Time to get the engine running again!  =)

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