Paying Tribute

Had a very good time on Friday. Received many cards and letters. For those in my profession, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about. For those who are not, well, it’s to celebrate 1 Sept. 🙂

As I read through some of the cards I received, tears welled up in my eyes. For others, I couldn’t stop laughing. I came to realise something. Things that we say and do, they really leave a great impact in the lives of the kids. In some of the cards, they quoted things that I don’t even remember saying, but it became their guiding principle. They have been observing how I react to certain things and they follow likewise. Whilst I feel glad that they feel that they have learnt from me, I have also become more aware that I need to be very mindful of what I do and say.

Through the cards and letters, it confirmed something that I’ve always believed in – people thrive on encouragement. I have always believed that every kid has his/her own potential and we need to tap on this potential to bring out the best in the child. And action speaks louder than words. The kids have felt that I truly believe in them and they are thankful. As for me, I’m just very glad that my efforts paid off. I thank God for this truly enjoyable and heartwarming day and I pray that He’ll give me more wisdom and love for these children. 🙂

So to all my fellow comrades out there, keep going, let’s do our best for the kids and our efforts will pay off some day. 🙂

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