A restful weekend…

I had a very restful weekend. 🙂 No work to clear this weekend, or rather, I chose not to do it. 😛

Went out with my mum yesterday and today. Managed to get more details on the tentage that we want to have for the church reception. Now left with finalising. And went with my mum to Chinatown today to get the traditional wedding stuff. I must say that she only bought the necessities. But I could tell that she was really happy to go there. Oh well, as long as she’s happy, I guess I’m happy already. 🙂

But it was quite interesting to see the wedding stuff at Chinatown. Everything was supposedly for a purpose, but if you ask me, the purpose is to make money. It was exciting to be at Chinatown too. I witnessed a couple quarrelling with an elderly lady (whom I think it’s the guy’s mum) simply because they didn’t want to buy any of the “good luck stuff”. Of course the old lady was super unhappy. I guess maybe what my cousins have been saying is pretty true – sometimes, it’s ok for us to make a bit of compromise, as long as it doesn’t go against our principles.

After the trip to Chinatown, I wanted to go to BHG at Tampines Mall cos they were having a sale. On the way there, my mum wanted to drop by Poh Heng to buy gold jewellery for me. That trip to Poh Heng made her poorer, but happier. Just yesterday, she was lamenting that I haven’t gone with her to Poh Heng, and now the price of gold has risen. Thank God it dropped again, so she happily made her purchase. As for me, I didn’t get to go to BHG in the end, and today is the last day of the sale. But oh well, as long as she’s happy. 🙂 And I managed to get 2 sets of jewellery that I like and I will wear. 🙂

And when we came back, my mum received a call from my aunt. Apparently my aunt and grandma have also been buying gold for me, as wedding gifts. And they are all yellow gold. My aunt emphasized that she tried to get as young a design as possible. They strongly believe that must buy yellow gold, cos it has better value. Well, I guess I should be thankful. I must admit that since young, I’ve been the apple of everyone’s eye. Now that I’m getting married, my grandmas, aunties and uncles are all excited and wanting to get good gifts for me. And I thank God for the love that they have showered on me. 🙂

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