Day 13 – 30 Nov 2008

We had deep-fried chicken from Mos Burger for supper the night before and had a good rest on Sunday. Went to Jonathan’s for brunch with CS and J. It was a good brunch, with good food and good fellowship. After brunch, we went back to their place to make Cheese, Egg and Broccoli salad. It was good! 🙂

As we had the afternoon free, we decided to make a second trip to Harajuku as PG wanted to get some Christmas presents for the kids. To our disappointment, the presents could not be personalised to what we wanted. Nevertheless, it was interesting to walk around this funky and hip area. 🙂


After Harajuku, we visited the Meiji Shrine. It was a very pleasant place, with huge compounds. The feel was different from the other shrines that we had visited. And there were many interesting sights too. As usual, there were little children dressed in the traditional costumes for the 3-5-7 ceremony. And we witnessed 3 weddings! Guess it must be an auspicious date for getting married! 🙂


One thing that PG found weird, was that the weddings were so super solemn. Everyone was so solemn with no smiles at all. Guess it’s a very different culture from ours.

After the visit to Meiji Shrine, we decided to walk around the area and we spotted many interesting sights. First of all, there were many people in cosplay costumes. Even the tourists gave it a try!


As we walked further, there was a protest going on. Not sure what they were protesting about, but it sure was orderly!

And after the protest, there was a group of people dancing away. Not sure who they were or where they came from, but it was quite entertaining. 🙂

At the end of all these sights, we decided to go to Odaiba, and PG was glad that we went, cos it was beautiful.


At Odaiba, it was really cold as the winds were very strong. And PG sat on the Ferris Wheel for the first time too. 🙂

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