How has 2009 been?

How has 2009 been for you, my friend?

For me, for the past 18 days of the new year, I would say I have been extremely busy. Since I started work on 2 Jan, every weekday has been a mad rush day. There would be something that would crop up and almost without fail, spoil my day. But I’ve learnt to look past that. As someone told me, “Work is work. It will never be smooth-sailing, so don’t let it get you down.” Indeed, no point getting upset over things at work. However, having said that, I do wish that there would be more responsible people around. Oh well…

For the past 18 days, I’ve attended 2 babies’ first-month celebrations and 2 weddings. It’s always nice to attend such things, cos they are happy occasions. 🙂 I look forward to weekends now, just to be away from work and enjoy whatever programme I have.

Went for my first choir practice last Mon. As I shared with my cell group, I felt that I was greatly ministered to. The 4 songs that we sang, were exactly the songs that I first heard when I first came to church, back in 2001. 🙂 Like what I told my cell group and some friends, I have not been offloaded in any way, but please pray that God will pave the way such that I can serve in the choir.

Just today, MH came to speak to CG and I. It was just a casual chat, but I felt that God had arranged it this way. There were only 2 main points in the conversation, but these are 2 points which have been inside my heart and I have been praying about these 2 points for quite some time. Not very comfortable about sharing the 2 points, but I just want to say that God is good. He has certainly been listening to my prayers and He knows the best way to give me an answer. 🙂

CNY is coming and this year, it seems different. The greatest difference is that I have to buy the CNY goodies and stuff on my own. In the past, I just have to fetch my mum to wherever she wants to go, then fetch her back when she’s done. 😛 No need to bother about anything such as cleaning the house. 😛 But just like any other year, I’m looking forward to CNY. 🙂

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