Home-cooked Dinner

Had dinner with my mum and brother this evening. This is the first time I’m inviting them to our place for a dinner cooked by me.  🙂

We have dinner at my mum’s place every Wed evening and I have been wanting to invite them to our place for dinner.  However, I had to first hone my cooking skills and make sure that it’s good enough before I invite them to have dinner at my place.  Of course, CG was the guinea pig in the meantime. 😛

But I’m glad to say that my mum and brother enjoyed the dinner. We finished everything. 🙂 I’ve always enjoyed home-cooked dinners and it makes me extremely happy that I can dish out a presentable dinner for my folks.  🙂

Let me practice for a while more, then I’ll invite CG’s parents to our place for dinner. 🙂

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