My Birthday Card!

Thank God for the superb pleasant surprise. If you had read my previous blog, or even the ones before that, they were all pretty sad. Well, they were reflective of how I was feeling… But 2 friends made my day! I shall call them J and S, though I guess they would know who they are. (Sorry, trying to maintain some mystery in this blog… =P)

My Birthday Card!

Here’s a pic of the beautiful birthday card! And it’s a musical card as well! Thanks J and S! I’ve always loved musical cards! Rest assured I will keep this card well. =) Your kind gesture really brightened my day! =)

To be very honest, I didn’t expect J and S to have been reading our blog, esp. when the past few posts were like just rantings. But what was written in the card really warms my heart. It really made a difference in my mood! =)

And since I’m in a better mood now, maybe I’ll share a little trivia about myself. I’m a sentimental person who likes little knick knacks. Little exquisite things always appeal to me. It’ll be even better if they were hand-made, no matter whether or not they may be asthetically pleasing. My art is terrible, so anything done by anyone else would be nicer. =P I have a habit of keeping cards and little notes. All the wedding invites, birthday cards, Christmas cards, CNY cards, little encouragement notes… I have 2 drawers and a few boxes of them. I can never bring myself to throw them away so the collection just gets bigger and bigger. And in this day and age, I think it’s so difficult to find hand-made stuff. It’s already v rare that people still send paper cards, so thanks so much, J and S! Usually people would send e-cards, especially if they are overseas. But being me, I would print out the e-cards so that I can keep. (Yes yes, I know I’m not very environmentally friendly… =P)

Receiving this card brings back memories of sec sch and JC days. Perhaps in that era, it was a common thing to write notes and cards for people. I remember the bookstore in my JC used to sell very nice little bookmarks or small cards, where you could buy and write a few lines on the other side. My friends and I used to frequent the bookstore just to buy such things, or sometimes nice letter paper and we would write to each other. To me, it was a very warm personal touch. To date, I still keep all the notes and letters. =) Perhaps the society is moving at such a fast pace that everything has gone electronic. As for me, I’ll still stick to the nice little paper… Check out my office desk and you’ll know what I mean. =) My big boss once made a comment, ‘I just have to look at the paper, I’ll know it’s from you.’ =)

Well, that’s PG for you… =)

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