Ramblings from P

It’s been a long time since I posted anything… and I guess I should post something before this turns into PG’s personal blog.

I’ve been busy with work. We’re short-handed and I’m basically doing 2 persons’ job. One of my colleagues will be leaving next month. I have covered for him before when he was out of office, but I guess covering and taking over is different. Covering means that I just have to do enough to make sure everything is under control (at least until he is back to follow-up on it). Taking over means I need to know the critical issues are the back of my hand and follow up on them. The best part? I’ve not been told officially that I’ll be taking over. (Someone else was originally supposed to take over…)

With the current shortage of manpower, I’ll probably have to do 2 persons’ job (and possibly more) until middle of the year… sometimes I really wonder why I put in such effort. I’ve covered others for a 3-6 mths last year and there is no reward – recognition or monetary. The prospects of career advancement at my present place is also very limited. Doesn’t help that I’ve made it known that I would like to leave.. I’ll probably be killed during ranking since I’m expected to leave. One of the other bosses advised me too… to at least make it known that I’m staying if I am not yet definitely leaving.

I guess I cared enough to want to see some proper succession planning. Perhaps, I cared too much to give pre-emptive notice. The colleague who is leaving… gave more than 6 months notice and his successor is still unknown. Should I stay or care about such an organisation? Especially with the lack of career prospects? Out experience is also not recognised by the industry.

I guess I should praise God for the low pay. At least that allowed us to buy our HDB home. I just found out from another friend that Simei 4 room flats are in the $240-270k region. It would have been a good alternative, and almost considered east too! But PG also reminded me that God intends for us to stay in Sengkang and how everything fell in place. Oh well… it would have been nice to stay nearer the east.

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