No more braces!

Just realised this morning that I had not blogged about my braces and I thought I should be sharing about this happy thing!  =)

 I took off my braces on Wed (23 Jan), 11.15am.  The whole process took 45 minutes and by 12 noon, I was flashing my 100-megawatt smile at people.  =)  I must say, I’m really thankful that I can finally remove the braces.  It’s been a torturing 1.5 years.  Not to mention the ugliness of the braces, there was lots of pain and discomfort involved too.  But then again, I cannot really complain because it was my choice to put on braces in the first place.  All for the sake of vanity.  =P

In a few days’ time, I would need to go to the dentist to put on the retainers.  I heard that it’ll be another painful process cos by then the teeth would have shifted a bit.  And most who know me would know that my threshold for pain is really very very low.  Sigh…  I can only commit this whole thing to God and pray hard that He will bring me through. 

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