Courage : Live It

Guess what?  It’s Tuesday night again.  No prizes for guessing what I’m doing right now.  Yes, I’m working on my assignment to be submitted tomorrow.  The best thing about it?  I have not written anything and have no idea what to write. 

I’m feeling very vexed right now, and went to read Our Daily Bread for today.  Today’s topic was on Courage.  The footnote says, “Courage will follow when faith takes the lead.“  Indeed, when we have faith in Jesus, He gives us the courage and things fall in place.  To be very honest, I think it is very difficult to have such unwavering faith.  I, for one, struggle with this issue.

At this current point in my life, I fear.  There are several things that I fear right now.  And the very fact that some things are beyond my control, it makes me feel worse.  I once read in a book, that very often, we snatch our life calendar from God and start scribbling things in.  Only to have to hand everything back to Him in the end and tell Him, “Sorry God, You take charge.”  Does this sound familiar to you?  It certainly does for me. 

I guess not many people know this – I worry and fear a lot.  When I fear, I feel insecure.  When I feel insecure, I get uptight and irritated.  The fact that I can’t do anything about it makes me feel worse.  My best friend, J, always says, “Don’t worry, just let God take charge.”  And I admire her ability to really do so.  For me, I can only constantly pray that He will bless me with the strength and the grace.  And I can only constantly remind myself that it’s not going to help if I worry.  Perhaps it’s a ladies’ problem or maybe it’s just me.  Please pray for me, that I can take that step of courage to not worry and to leave everything to Him…

Lord, give me the courage to rise above fear,

Even of danger, because You are near;

I would be faithful to face any foe

While I am walking with You here below.                             -Hess

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