Mad Rush Week

It was exactly a week since I last wrote a post.  It has been a crazy week for me.  Everything was put on hold for my Masters assignment due last Wednesday.  Guess what?  I wrote until 3am on Wed morning to finish the assignment.  =(  And on Wed, I was totally like a zombie with no energy to do anything. 

CG flew off to the States on Thursday morning.  And on the same day, a group of Thai guests arrived in Singapore.  So since Thurs, I have been busy every single day because I have to play host.  Over the weekend, we brought them to Sentosa.  I must say, the tourist attractions in Singapore are really costly.  And because these guests come from Thailand, the prices are really exorbitant for them.  I realised something, somehow tourist attractions are not as fun if you are going there on a mission.  I really wonder how the local tour guides can tahan.  =P  Not too long ago, CG and I went to Sentosa cos he had some tickets.  It was so much more fun!  Perhaps it’s because it’s a leisurely trip whereas when you bring guests, you have to play host and take care of their welfare etc.

Tonight is the only night I am free until the Thai guests go back this coming Thurs.  I had to go to HQ in the afternoon and so could not join them to go to the zoo and Night Safari.  My other colleagues went instead.  And in return, I was tasked to buy some souvenirs for the guests, cos all my colleagues also have no time to go shopping.  But thank God we all decided to get food items for them.  =)

And because I have been kept so busy with bringing the Thai guests out, all my work has been put on hold.  And guess what?  The deadlines are all next week, which means once the Thai guests go back, I would have to bury myself in work again to meet the deadlines.  Oh man, what kind of life is this?!!

Maybe one small little happy thing to share.  I was invited to do a sharing at HQ today.  Guess what was one of the questions I was asked?  They asked me how old I am, cos I look young!  Hee hee…  I’m not going to bother whether the person was being kind, I’m just going to believe what I heard.  (and want to hear…  =P)

CG is in the States, working for the next few days before he starts his well-deserved holiday.  As for me, I think the next time I can enjoy a holiday would be the Good Friday weekend.  But I must say, I’m very thankful for God’s grace and strength, because I know without Him, I would not have lasted.  The week has been so busy that I could only take one day at a time, but God just made everything fall in place.  Praise the Lord!  =)

And one more little happy thing…  We asked the lecturer for an extension, so there’s NO assignment due tomorrow!!!  Hurray!!!  =)

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