To The Sea and Back (2)

If you read the title of CG’s previous post, and thought it meant that his love for me was to the sea and back, or vice versa, nah…  :P 

We went sailing yesterday. And CG would tell you that I was very very scared. I’ve always feared water. It’s a fear that no one else can understand, CG feels it’s just psychological. Maybe. My dad knew of my fear, which is why he made me go for swimming lessons and I absolutely hated those times. He said he just wanted me to be able to swim should I drop into the water one day. I guess his aim was never achieved.

I was reading the newspaper article about the Maths prodigy who made it to Oxford and is now rumoured to be selling her body. To some, it may sound so absurd that someone so intelligent would become like that. But I am not exactly surprised. It seems like she was under immense pressure. And it didn’t make things any better that she kept everything to herself.

In my line of work, I sometimes have to counsel people who are stressed. And the situation I fear most is when they keep quiet. Especially when they are girls. I once read somewhere that when a guy is quiet, it’s simply because he has nothing to say. But when a girl keeps quiet, a million thoughts are going through her mind. I guess for this case, this Maths prodigy has been bottling up her thoughts and feelings for a very long time. Many a times, people go to the extremes when they suddenly ‘release’ what they have been feeling for a long time.

So dear pals, please do not bottle up what you are feeling. I know it can be a terrible feeling. Find someone whom you can talk to or just pray. I’ve come to realise that God is the best person to talk to. He is the best listener and the best comforter. 🙂

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