Was in the midst of my masters lessons today when a classmate had to rush off. She said her dad was in critical condition and she had to rush to the hospital. She had tears in her eyes when she left. Msged her in the night but she didn’t reply. I really hope her dad is fine.

Such a scene reminds me of what happened 3 years ago. It seemed like yesterday that exactly the same thing happened. I can still remember vividly that I was supposed to go home at 1.30pm the day my dad passed away. But I stayed until nearly 5pm for a remedial class. Halfway through the class, I just felt that something was wrong and I wanted to go home. I just couldn’t explain why. When I went back to office, I was shocked to receive 2 messages from my mum that my dad was in a critical condition, asking me to go home immediately. I packed my things and rushed off, but I hadn’t even reached the door when my mum msged me again that my dad had passed away.

I thought I had gotten over my dad’s passing but I really don’t think I did. I still miss him a lot, especially when it comes to festive seasons or times like his or my birthday. Had dinner at my mum’s place tonight and she said something that I nearly cried. She said that my dad remembers my birthday every year and would always celebrate it for me. Indeed, he would.

I try my best to be strong, for myself and my family. But deep down inside, I really miss my dad very much. He’s the best dad I can ever have. When I think back, I find it so silly when I think of times I squabbled with him over small little things.

So to you, my dear friend, treasure your loved ones while they are still around. Abandon that harsh word, and just give your loved one a hug, a praise or a word of encouragement. Life will be happier and sweeter that way. 🙂

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