Wow!  It’s been a long long time since we last posted anything! Been super super busy…  Came back from my work trip 2 weeks ago and I felt as though I was thrown into a “mad-rush pool”. Everything was in a mad rush and I was in a mad frenzy to meet several deadlines. But thank God that crazy period is over…  =)

CG is now having reservist, probably out in some wilderness as I’m typing this. Poor thing, he’s been getting only a few hours of sleep every night…

As for me, as the title goes, it has been “me-time”! “Me-time” was a term I read from a magazine when I was still an undergraduate. Basically the idea is to spend time with yourself, doing things that you like, making yourself happy. So what have I done?

1.   I finally went to see the doc. I’ve been having some throat irritations since I fell sick during my work trip. Thought it was just some phelgm left behind from the cold but it turned out to be a nose allergy. Was told to keep away from a whole long list of food (eg. chicken, eggs, peanuts, beans, chocolate, dairy products, oranges, grapes, tomatoes etc) for 1 week and cannot sleep in air-con rooms. Oh well… Thank God it’s just a week.

2.   I went out shopping with my girlfriend. Yes, we went out shopping and I happily indulged in retail therapy. I believe any girl would agree with me, that retail therapy does work wonders. But just in case CG starts to freak out, don’t worry, I didn’t spend a lot. =P

3.   I spent time thinking and praying. Yes, I actually had time to just stay in my room, to think and pray. Thought through some issues, prayed a lot and emerged much happier.  =)

4.   More retail therapy. I was feeling super down yesterday and just didn’t feel like working. So I went to buy books.  I bought inspirational books (for myself), cookbooks (for my future) and some resources (for work).  =) After walking around, I felt so much better and was much more productive.

5.   Scheduled appointments to make wedding prep arrangements. Lest CG says I didn’t do anything, I scheduled appointments to pick up some stuff, meet up with the hotel co-ordinator and view the wedding invites available. I also managed to get loads of materials from my friends about Japan. Lots of travel planning to do now!  =)

6.   Get work done. And before you say that I’ve been enjoying myself and not working, I need to say that I have been getting my work done. Perhaps it’s because I gave my body some rest, that it’s more productive now. Things are more smooth-sailing now.  =)

And as some of you may know, I have post-wedding prep to do. I’ve been told that I need to get new clothes, new handbag etc for use after the wedding. Initially I was pretty much against the idea cos I felt that it was pure superstition. But oh well, I’ve decided to just go with it now. One, it makes my mum happy. Two, in a way it’s to my benefit too. =P  So now, you can’t blame me if I need to go shopping more often.

All in all, I just want to say that I’m feeling happy. And to those good friends out there who have been asking if we need help for the wedding, no worries, things are quite on track. We will approach you if we need help. =)  And I must say that CG has done a lot for the wedding. Check out the slideshow on the wedding day, it’s professional! =)

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