Wedding Updates

Just finished e-filing the Notice of Marriage online. :D  Lots of details needed but let’s just say I’m happy to supply the details.  😀

Some updates about the wedding… We’ve started inviting people and some have RSVP-ed. I personally prefer doing this in batches, so it’s easier for me to monitor. Must say it was very heartwarming when friends replied me with messages that went “Of course, I’ll be glad to be there!” :)  Thank you, dear pals!

During the prep for the wedding, I’ve come to realise that God is indeed in this with us. Things have worked out slowly, according to my prayers, and I’m really really glad. I’ll keep praying and I’m sure He is listening. 🙂

Now my main concern is our new place. We’ve not gotten the keys yet and so cannot do anything. Please pray with us, that the keys will come soon and we can start buying more stuff for our new home. And that all other prep will go well. 🙂

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