First trip in 2010

It’s been a long time since I last posted… and I know PG has mentioned about our trip in her last post… but just some more details…

We wanted to go for a short holiday in Dec, but the timing for us was quite bad… So, we decided to have our holiday during the New Year weekend. We decided to check out places in Johor – Kluang and Pontian / Kukup.

Kluang is a town about 1-2 hours drive from Singapore. We took the opportunity to try the new checkpoint across the causeway and slowly made our way to Kluang. We stayed at a “mid-range” hotel – Anika hotel. It’s a bit old but stayable if you are not looking for much.

PG fell sick while we were there so we didn’t do much. PG was sick, so we spent most of the time in the hotel room. She slept while I watched Singapore TV ;p Being typical Singaporeans, we of course checked out the cuisine in Kluang. We tried some Malaysian KFC (it tasted different), Kluang’s famous beef noodles (hey, it was in the GPS), watched a movie, and had some supper.

We decided to skip Pontian / Kukup and head back 1 day earlier… I decided to take the “scenic” route… Ended up with a punctured tyre. I could actually hear the air hissing out as I drove! Had to change the tyre by the side of the road… realised that the jack was corroded due to water seapage from all the car wash. Good thing it still worked! Unfortunately, I damaged the wrench in the process… so, I’m going to have trouble changing tyres again if it happens!

We managed to make our way to a petrol kiosk where I topped up the fuel tank and checked the air in the tyres. Then we headed to Johor Bahru, near Taman Sentosa where we found a tyre shop to repair the punctured tyre. The first one we went to said they did not have my tyre size… This turned out to be fortunate as the second one I went to did tyre repairs! It’s been so long since I saw anyone fix a punctured tyre… I don’t even know if any Singapore shops still do it! The guy basically used a “giant needle” to insert some rubber then brushed some water over. The rubber will then seal up the hole from inside the tyre. Got it fixed for $8 RM and the guy helped me fix back the tyre.

We tried the Ba Kut Teh at the hawker centre… not fantastic… and of course bought home some of the famous butter crayfish. Oh, and if you are wondering where this hawker centre is.. I’ve included an iPhone screenshot of the map below (Sent this to another friend who was asking for the location!)

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