Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

Yes, yet another year has passed.  2009 really passed by with the blink of an eye and I must say that I am very thankful for all that God has given me.

Things to be thankful for :

1.   My Hubby

Yes, my wonderful hubby. We had gone on a trip to Kluang on 31 Dec 2009. The trip was solely planned by CG as I had been busy with my masters assignment and was trying to rush out some work before I leave for my holiday. On the day of departure, I was quite sick. Had running nose and was feeling quite terrible, but we still went ahead with the trip, hoping that I would recover by the next day.

Turned out that it only got worse the next day (1 Jan 2010). I was terribly sick and had a high fever of 39.3C. Had to spend the day in the hotel. Dr CG was the one who took care of me. He carefully sponged me and fed me medicine, monitoring my temperature as I slept. Throughout the trip, I totally relied on CG. He was my guide and my doctor.  🙂

We decided to cut short the trip by a day since I was not feeling well. Thinking that we had more time, we decided to go by the small roads rather than the highway. Lo and behold, our tyre punctured! Guess who was the one who fixed it? Mechanic CG! And what was my role? Well, I videoed and photographed the tyre-changing process. 😛

As we were on our way home, I was sharing with CG that it was an exciting and eventful trip. Just a short trip of 3D2N and it was already so eventful. But amidst all this, God showed me what a wonderful hubby I have. 🙂

2.  My Masters

I really thank God for seeing me through. For those who have been reading the blog or have spoken to me, you will know how much I have been suffering because of the masters. But I thank God that He has brought me through. Just got my results today and I just want to praise Him. I know that I will never be able to achieve all these, if not for His strength.


I thank God for this opportunity to serve Him together with His people. I have never been involved in a church event on such a large-scale and boy, this event really opened my eyes to a lot of things! Most importantly, He has shown me that He is the Almighty God and all things are possible with Him! Amen!  🙂

4.   My family and friends

I am thankful for my family and the friends I have. Got to know more people this year and got to know some others better. I thank God for all of you guys who have brought much joy into my life.  🙂

5.  Various Aspects of my life

There are so many little things here and there that I cannot list out, but I can never say enough to thank Him. I know that throughout the year, through my ups and downs, my Heavenly Father was always with me. He was my Friend and Counsellor. He lifted me up when I was down. He showed me the light when the path was dark. Only He can do all this. 🙂

It’s officially the 3rd day of 2010 and a new work-year starts tomorrow. Many changes have taken place but I would say that I am still excited. I know that I can brave through 2010, because I have CG and I have my Heavenly Father.

Happy New Year, everyone!  🙂

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