As most of you would know, I have been doing my masters part-time since 3 years ago. Finally, it is time for my thesis. I was initially very keen to do my thesis cos I thought it was a topic that I am interested in.  Moreover, it is the final lap of my masters journey. But gosh, it is so difficult! The thesis writing and my supervisor’s expectations are killing me!  Argh!

I have always known my own abilities. I am not an intelligent person, coupled with the fact that I only have puny brains. Everything that I have is achieved through sheer diligence. I especially hate it when people give me the “You don’t know???” tone. Please, if I know, I won’t need to ask you!

I’ve always felt that smart people have little patience. Maybe that’s why I can be so patient, especially with the kids. I can understand how it feels to not understand a particular thing, and how terrible it feels when people raise their voice at you or give you some remarks like “Please use your brains!” Please, if my brains can process it on its own, I won’t need to ask you! 

The only reason why I’m able to come thus far is because of the grace and mercy of my Heavenly Father. He is the one who has been blessing me. Currently, all I can do is to trust Him and pray hard that He will give me the wisdom which I severely lack.  The next 1 month is going to be sheer hell.  It is going to be the most stressful period at work and also for my masters. God, help!

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