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This has been something I want to write about for a few weeks.

I recently signed up for a twitter account. What is twitter? How is it different from facebook or blogging? I guess, in many ways, facebook is “better”. It allows you to post almost anything – status updates, blog/notes, video, music, photos etc. It is, however, also cluttered with all those games updates.

Blogs, I guess, remain the primary means to maintain a web log or diary. Write what I want – both long and short. Attach photos/videos – somehow doesn’t feel as friendly as facebook, but still does the job. More importantly, it allows me to control my online persona – who sees what; that is also why I keep the blog and facebook separate even though I don’t keep them private (that would be a topic for another post, if I find the time).

Twitter – haven’t quite figured out how to maximise it. It is kinda like facebook status updates – short, concise. Well, it has to be since it is built around sms updates and each sms has a limit of 140 characters. It can be useful for micro-blogging ie just posting quick and short updates, especially when using the mobile phone. (You can blog using the phone too, but it is harder to type long posts.) The updates tend to be more frequent than facebook… and the feed would be limited to the updates posted only – no farmville or mafiawars. In Singapore, twitter is largely limited to those with smartphones and dataplan. You can still sign up for sms service provided through some third-party provider, but why depend on the free service, which could be unreliable at times, when you can tweet directly? (Hmm… if you are going to use data, why not just use facebook? – I guess I still need to figure that out!)

What’s my twitter page? where my username is the same as my gmail username.

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