Formula for a great TV serial

Been watching 鬥牛,要不要 on youtube. I realise the biggest difference between an interesting TV serial vs mediacorp/TCS serial is that something happens every 10 mins!

Youtube limits the uploads by file size and length, so each video is only 10 mins. An episode of about 1 hour is therefore broken up into 6-7 parts. Imagine if our TV serials are uploaded… you could probably compress each episode into 10 minutes instead!

Formula for a great script?

  • Start with boy and girl
  • Begin as enemies
  • Thrown in a competitor in love – must be an ex, current, or long time friend
  • Add in interesting in-laws – better still if they in-laws do not start off on the right footing
  • Include a 4th party (love triangle is too common now)
  • Make sure the girls are super sweet, and the guys are super cool
  • Nothing else matters

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