It’s over!

Yes, for those who have been following my posts, my masters journey is over. I officially handed in my thesis on 14 Apr and that’s it! Thank God for that!

For those who have been following this blog, these 3 years have not been easy for me. I have never been a good student  and studying part-time really took a toil on me. Now that I think back, I would never have come so far if not for Him. God was watching over me, and He brought me through all the agony, especially during the last few months when I was writing my thesis. I am not good in writing and writing a thesis of that length nearly killed me!

In the midst of writing my thesis, I came to realize some things about myself. I am very particular about the words and tone that people use when they talk to me. Somehow when the tone is harsh or the words demeaning, I tend to clam up. I absolutely hate it when people raise their voice at me. It really gets on my nerves and I tend to retaliate. Praying that He will change me over time.

Another thing I realized or rather confirmed about myself, is that I am really a procrastinator. 😛 A friend once called me “LMQ – last minute queen”. I am someone who really procrastinate until the very last minute. Somehow I only get the adrenalin rush to get my work done at the very last minute. Unlike CG, I only do my work on Sunday night, just before going to work on Monday. Hmm…  looks like something that I have to pray for Him to change me too.

Life after completing my masters is heavenly. I am not that stressed, time don’t seem to run out, I am able to sleep more, it’s just so good! 🙂 People have asked me if I intend to do my PhD. Up to now, absolutely no. I think I need a longer break before I am willing to hit the books again.

As of now, all I want to do is to rest and relax…  🙂

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