What has P been up to?

I realised that I have not posted any updates for a long time… Some quick updates

1. Camera

Nope, still have not bought my new camera. Still eyeing the EOS 5D mark II, but it’s currently amount 1/2 life… an update is expected next year. Wonder if I should save $2K and get a lower end model instead (for now).

2. Macmini

Yes, we bought a macmini. It was supposed to serve a few purposes.

  • Network movie player – Seems like my wireless network is not fast enough… at least for the file I tried
  • Boxee – it turns your computer into a “apple tv”. Some of the online shows are available to Sg users
  • itunes and iphotos server – well, we have not got down to putting our music and photos on the macmini. I managed to buy a audio cable from ebay to connect to the sound system (but have not physically connected it).

Now I need another NAS… the current one is running out of space…

3. Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ (Asian Fit)

Bought online from http://www.spekkies.net/. Cheaper than buying from local shops, but still more expensive than buying in the USA. I think they get from Oakley and ship over, so there was some delay when Oakley did not have stock. Quite good service – gave me the tracking number so that I could track the delivery to Singapore.

They deliver the sunglasses to their “shop” here and check the goods first. In my case, they rejected the first delivery due to a defect. That saved me the hassle of having to deal with Oakley for warranty, so that’s not bad for service.

All in all, it took me about a month to get my sunglasses. It came with the hard case, soft case, and box. It’s okay if you can wait.

4. SAF Day Presidential Garden Reception

Shook hands with the President. Wonder if they’ll send me the official photo.

5. NDP Parade

Got 2 tickets from a friend! Yeah!

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2 Responses

  1. Mei says:

    Wa, been eyeing the oakleys for my hubs but we bu she de mai. Check out the specs frame, my colleague has one, not bad!