Live From The Field

Lest others think that CG is the only one blogging, I’d better say something…

The holiday to Siem Reap was quite an experience. It is certainly different from our holiday in Germany, but I’ve enjoyed it nonetheless. The sight at Phnom Bakheng was breathtaking. CG was busy snapping away while I just stood and enjoyed the view and breeze. =)

Going to Siem Reap reminds me of my trip to Indonesia when I was 8. The living conditions were somewhat similar, people were just as friendly. But something really strikes me… In both places, the kids have been conditioned to play on the sympathy of the tourists. I remember in Medan, at a particular jetty, the kids there would beg tourists to throw coins into the water, and they would plunge into the cold waters right after the coin leaves your hands. The coins are theirs to keep after they retrieve it. I felt terrible as I saw some tourists having fun at the expense of these kids. In Siem Reap, the kids would come up to you and use the pitiful tone to get you to buy postcards. They would look at you with their bright little eyes and put on the most pitiful look. Once the transaction is made, they run off with glee and start on another tourist.

I love to travel, cos I feel that travelling widens my horizons and never fails to remind me how fortunate I am. How fortunate I am to be born in Singapore, how fortunate I am to have a loving family, fiance and friends, how fortunate I am to be able to lead the lifestyle I’m leading now.

Praise God for all the blessings He’s given to me! =)

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