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It’s me again! And yes, I have more exciting updates! =)

Coral Spring Town MapWent with CG to check out the Fernvale area today. We have been notified by HDB to go and select our flat at Coral Spring. For the benefit of those who have no idea where that place is, it’s in Sengkang West, pretty near Jalan Kayu. Yes, out of the East. =P

It’s really amazing how God works. From the time we started house hunting until this very moment when we have decided on the unit we wanna get, He has been working in His most wonderful ways.

After getting the notification from HDB, we started looking at various units listed in the brochure and somehow there was just something wrong somewhere with every unit that we shortlisted. Either it faced the west (which is something I am strongly against), or it is near the school or it faces the carpark, or something else is just wrong with it. To be very honest, I became very discouraged and was wondering what i should do.

Coral Spring Site PlanBut then again, God is good and faithful. When CG and I were looking at the brochure again today, suddenly 1 particular unit caught our attention – #62. Somehow we have always missed that unit. We decided to go to the exact location and take a look.

Simulated view from #104Simulated view from #90Simulated view from #62 (Ground Floor)

After viewing the place from different angles, hey presto, we decided that #62 is what we like! =) It was like a common consensus between CG and I, without any argument or disagreement. I strongly feel that this is the unit that God had chosen for us and I am so happy! My prayers for Him to pick an ideal unit has been answered. And now the next step – to pray that we would get a high floor for #62. =)

Imagine the view from #62, down the common green, flanked by the 2 HDB flats

After viewing the site, we went down to HDB to take a look at the showflat and finishes. I am happy with what I saw. =) Though I realised that with this flat, my ceiling-to-floor shoe cupboard and walk-in wardrobe may not be so possible… =P

And to end it all, we went for a movie – The Golden Compass. It was nice! One of the few shows that can keep me glued to the screen throughout the whole time. Today is a happy day and praise be to the Lord! =)

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  1. CG says:

    #62 didn’t catch our attention by looking at the brochure. We were looking at the units booked by others =)