We booked our flat!

Yes!  We managed to book our flat!

CG and I spent last nite trying to decide between 2 units.  It was really quite a tough choice.  To take the lower floor when the higher one is still available or to take the higher floor when both of us have nagging feelings that perhaps the lower one is the chosen unit?  The amazing thing was, both CG and I would prefer the higher floor (cos it’s higher) but both of us have this feeling that God chose the lower one for us.

I took the brochure out again last nite and realised that if I were to take the higher floor, it would be a planter bed outside the living room.  If I were to take the lower floor, it would be a bay window at the same area.  I don’t foresee myself having green fingers and am certainly afraid of the accumulation of water on the planter bed.  And if I were to choose, I would rather have a bay window and hopefully make use of the space.  And so, the choice was made!  =)

Before I went to bed, I said a little prayer for God to choose the unit that would be most suitable for us.  In the morning, I knew my choice.  I must say it’s pretty exciting to be at HDB.  For those who are intending to get a flat in future, do go early and get your queue number first.  When we went there today, we were just browsing around the displays there whilst waiting for our turn.  Suddenly our queue number flashed at the bottom of the screen.  I got very excited!  =P  Went into the room to select our unit, sign some documents and in less than half an hour, the booking was done!  =)  I now understand what my friend meant when she said “Once you choose your flat, you can heave a sigh of relief.  Phew!”  =)

Indeed I have seen God work in His amazing ways in our flat again.  With Him in control, somehow things just fall in place.  It seems like such an irony to hear this from me, someone who tends to worry and fret and would prefer to have things in system and in order, rather than let nature take its course.  But God is good.  =)

Today is going to be my relaxing day.  Just going to go shopping and relax…  Hee Hee…  =)

PS.  I did the editing for this post and the last!  =P

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