More on P’s New Toy

Yup, spending more time again on my new MacBook…. and that includes the time I spend to edit PG’s posts.

PG usually posts via email. So poor CG has to go in to “format” it nicely and add the pictures like what you see here. There was also a small issue with the posting via email, so I had to fix it.

As for productivity on the MacBook, I’m using the following software


  • Safari – This is the default browser installed on the Mac. It is fast and very useable. Unfortunately, it lacks a very important feature – undo close tab.
  • Firefox – This is the primary browser I’ve been using. Even on my old iBook. With add-ons such as Web Developer, Tab Mix Plus, Download Statusbar, FlashGot, Video DownloadHelper… It makes my life so much easier. (I haven’t installed any yet though)
  • Flock – This is a new browser I’m using. It is designed for social networking. Facebook sidebar, integrated blogging tool (I can write a post directly, drag and drop images from the web), media stream (quick way to view all the pictures on a website), rss aggregation and more… Since it shares a lot of code with firefox, more of the add-ons from firefox should work


  • – Apple’s mail app is excellent. You can view all your emails from multiple accounts as though they are in a single mailbox or view them separately. (It’s not a setting. You can switch between both views anytime. Think of it as gmail with the labels applied.) My only concern in being locked in though… Emails are saved as separate files (maildir format) and there are advantages to this. Hopefully there will be more programs that support maildir in future.
  • Thunderbird – The mail application from Mozilla. I’m using it for my work email. I need to separate my work email so that I don’t accidentally send out emails using my personal email address. Allows me to sync with my thumbdrive, and access my saved emails around when needed (Portable Thunderbird).

Instant Messaging

  • aMSN – I was using Adium, but it seems that aMSN is the only one that supports webcam in MSN. Haven’t tested it successfully though. Emoticons and file transfer works.
  • Skype – Only logged in. Haven’t really used.
  • Gizmo – Installed. Need to find my username and password. I’ll be able to connect to pfingo using this to make free calls over the internet.

Other OS features

  • Spotlight – This is now so essential for me. Cmd-space, type the first few letters of the program I want to run, enter

Phone Integration

  • iSync – Works with my E61. Managed to sync all my contacts and calendar
  • iCal – Can publish to web calendar server too… read somewhere about publishing and using google to sync. This will create a web calendar that I can share.

You can see that my new toy is keeping me very occupied =)

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