Yes, this is my biggest enemy and irritant right now.  I’ve had numerous quarrels with my mum over all these since the day I said I was getting married.  First it was the date, then the timing, then the silly nitty gritty details like teapot, bedside lamps etc.

All these are really driving me up the wall.  I don’t like being caught in the middle but my mum doesn’t understand the stress and pressure she’s giving me.  She hears from those “三姑六婆” in her office, then comes back and tell me this and that.  And when I don’t want to follow or I find it silly, she gets angry.  And she always says that she wants it for my good cos she has only 1 daughter.

Part of me tells myself to be understanding, cos her intention is good.  But the other part of me is really irritated with the unwanted advice and pressure.  I had quarrelled so many times with her that I’m beginning to get very disheartened.  The irony is, my mum was never a superstitious person.  She only became so after my dad passed away.

Some time ago, I had dinner with 2 of my cousins, R and Y.  We were somewhat confiding in each other about the inconvenience that superstitions caused.  All 3 of us had mums who wanted to follow all sorts of superstitions and traditions.  R was more accomodating, he just gave in to everything his mum said.  Y also argued with his mum, but after some time, he just gave in as well.  They were telling me that I would eventually reach a point where I become so immune and would just give in.

I certainly do not want a case where people pass comments like “Huh?  Why your mum believe in such things?” or “Why your mum so funny?”.  I’ve always been very sensitive to what people say and such comments are hurting to me.  But yet, I cannot convince her to not follow the superstitions.  It is very very frustrating…  =(

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