Valentine’s Day

It’s 14 Feb – Valentine’s Day!  To be very honest, I have never believed in Valentine’s Day.  I see it as a day where people cash in to make the extra bucks.  I find it so unworth to pay so much more just because it’s Valentine’s Day.  So CG and I never had elaborate celebrations for Valentine’s Day.  We would go out for a meal and tt’s about it.  Yes, I know you think that CG is very fortunate, right?  =P

I find it amusing that people would spend on roses, rush off from work etc because of this man-made day.  Oh well, everyone is entitled to their own little indulgence here and there.  Even in my workplace today, there were people who ordered roses, there were people who needed to rush off straight after work cos they had dates.  And me?  I worked until the attendant came to lock the office.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being sore about this, my colleagues (those who stayed to work late too) and I just found it very amusing…  =)

Well, my day had some hiccups too.  No thanks to some irresponsible and sickening people.  Sigh…  But as usual CG saved the day!  I came home feeling very down and upset after a long and rough day at work.  So I msged CG.  He was busy too, but at about an hour later, he msged me that he was almost done and asked if I wanted supper.  So after he was done, he drove all the way to my place and we went for supper at Changi Village.  I had chicken wings cos I wasn’t too hungry, but I really appreciate that he came all the way just to cheer me up and to spend a little bit of Valentine’s Day with me.  =)  After a long day at work, he had to drive all the way to my place, eat supper for a while and rush back cos he has to wake up at 4.45am tomorrow for more work.  Don’t you think he’s really sweet?  Thank you, dear!  =)

And Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  =)

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1 Response

  1. Gippslandmedstudent says:

    FWAH…… soooooo sweet har?
    All the way there to take you to Changi Village chicken wings? I would have just ordered KFC and gotten them to deliver to your house!