This blog was initially started to pen our journey whilst preparing for our wedding.  However, I think there has been all sorts of posts except for one on our wedding.  So I thought perhaps I should do a bit of updating here…  =)

Well, firstly we have booked the hotel for the wedding dinner.  I really thank God that we decided on the hotel and booked it early.  I heard from some of my friends that the price has gone up by $200 per table!  And they booked only 1 month after me!  I can’t imagine the price now! 

I’ve also booked my bridal studio package.  I’m more particular about the design of the gowns, so I decided to go for one with nicer designs but without the photography instead.  It’s a lot more troublesome (Sorry, CG!) but I think I’m happier.  =P  I’ve not gotten down to choosing the designs and exact pieces yet but should be doing so in a few weeks’ time.  =)

We have been looking for photographers to take our pre-wedding shots though with not very much progress.  Perhaps it’s due to CNY.  Please pray for us that we would be able to find a photographer that we are both comfortable with and one who will charge a reasonable price for good photos.  =)  Just another little trivia…  CG likes to take photos, while I like to be photographed.  =)  But lest you jump to the wrong conclusion, I am not a poser!  I like to take photos so that I can look at them and relive the happy memories again.  =) 

We have also shortlisted a few songs but no concrete plans yet.  As for Key Appointment Holders list and programme, they are also not out yet.  I also have not thought about the theme of the wedding, the colours I want etc etc.  I know there are still thousand and one things to be done, so please do keep us in prayer.  I really hope we will be one of those “relac” couples who would just enjoy the process of preparing for our wedding.  =)

Come to think of it, it’s about 9 months more…  So exciting!  =)

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