Hey hey!

Several things happened today, some happy some very very sad.  But I’ve decided to change my approach.  In the past, when I get upset, I would blog about it.  I would get real upset.  But now I’ve decided not to dwell on it, but rather let God take charge.  I shall just walk in faith, believing that God will put everything in place for me, because He loves me and knows me best.  =)

 And so, I’m going to share the good thing.  I’ve got my first assignment back!  Yes, it’s one of those torturing ones that deprived me of my beauty sleep.  Guess what?  My tutor actually stamped a ‘good’ on my assignment!  I do not know exactly how I scored (cos they say it concerns the final marks and has to be kept confidential…  durh…) but at least I have a ‘good’.  There was a rubric attached but it only indicated the level my tutor felt I was at.  But there were nice comments like ‘insightful, clear and concise arguments’ etc.  Haha…  My friend got a ‘Need Improvement’ stamped on her assignment but she isn’t too sad about it, cos the rubric levels were not too bad too.  In fact we were commenting that the ‘need improvement’ stamp is cuter cos it has a little snail whereas the ‘good’ is only a star.  Oops, I think you can tell we weren’t aiming very high for our assignments…  =P

And while I’m happy about getting the first assignment back, my brain is busy thinking of how to complete the last assignment.  It’s due at 2359 tonight.  =P  This is the last ‘mini’ assignment before the super major one.  Please keep praying for me…  =)

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