Thank you, dear friends!

Thought I ought to write something to thank all those dear friends who were concerned about me.  My 2nd last post was only put up not too long ago and very soon, I received text msgs, e-mails on whether I’m ok.  Yes, I really am.  I was really affected just now, but I’m much better already.

Since the year started, I’m been on emotional roller coasters.  I guess it also has to do with my nature.  By nature, I am an emotional and expressive person.  Some issues can really get me down to the extent that I can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t work.  Yes, it is that bad.  But through all the issues that have happened since the start of the year, I realised one thing – God is in control and there’s nothing better than to hand everything over to Him.

If you have read one of my posts some time ago, I hate it when things are beyond my control.  Take for example what happened today.  It upset me a great deal but I could not do anything.  I went for a jog in the drizzle just now.  For those who don’t know yet, when I say I wanna go for a jog, stay away from me.  At least not until I come back from the jog.  I basically hate jogging and running, but miraculously, jogging and running enables me to clear my mind and think things through.  And after the jog/run, perhaps due to the endorphines, I feel very much better.

It was drizzling when I came home just now but I felt that I needed the jog.  So I decided to just go ahead and jog in the rain.  Honestly it felt really good, cos I managed to think something through.  The truth of it, I still have no solution, cos what was bugging me is still bugging me.  But God granted me peace.  He enlightened upon me that all I have to do, and all I can do, is to hand everything over to Him.

When I came back and switched on my laptop, my friend’s MSN nick popped up on the screen – “God did not promise us a bed of roses, but He promised that He will ALWAYS bring us through’.  So true indeed!

During the jog, God reminded me of a few things.  Things that I have always known but somehow cast it aside.  He brought me through a great deal of thinking and as I thought, I cried.  (Thank God it was raining, so others did not realise.)  And as I cried, I felt better. 

So to all my dear friends who were concerned about me, not to worry, I’ll be fine.  I’ve cried, I’ve thought through, I’ve prayed.  And now I’m going to walk in faith.  =)

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