Split Personality

I was told on Sunday that my posts don’t sound like me. Well, to a certain extent, I think that’s true. People who see me often think that I’m a jovial, always happy kind of person. But I do have my sad moments too. And because I tend to blog more when I’m upset, so it seems like my blog and me are two different persona. So I guess when you find that there are no updates, it means that I’m having happy times?  =) 

Another truth is I don’t show my sad side to everyone. I’m very selective about who I confide in, my close friends will know that. I don’t even give this URL to everyone I know. Perhaps this is a sign of ageing and growing up. You tend to have a smaller but closer circle of friends. So if I’ve ever broken down in front of you, it goes to show that I regard you as someone close to my heart.  =)

Another comment was that this blog is about 15 Nov 2008 but the posts don’t seem to be about 15 Nov 2008. Well, 15 Nov 2008 marks the day that CG and I start our journey together as husband and wife, which means 15 Nov will be about us. So if this blog is about 15 Nov 2008, it implies that this blog is about us, and so everything about us can qualify to be on this blog right?  =)

Alright, more updates about 15 Nov 2008. To date, we have done the following :

1.  Booked the hotel

2.  Booked the bridal and photography package

3.  Shortlisted some songs here and there

4.  Attending pre-marriage counselling course

5.  Viewing some gowns this coming Sunday, photoshoot is supposed to be in June.

6.  Chosen our wedding bands

Though it seems like we have not done much for the wedding, but I thank God for this time before the wedding. I think our relationship has benefitted. I would like my wedding prep to be a relaxing one and not a source for more quarrels. I have seen friends who quarrel like mad just to make sure that the big day is perfect. I have also seen friends who just ‘relac’, enjoy the process and grow together as a couple. I think I would very much prefer the latter. I would rather work on the marriage than the wedding.  =) Wow! It sounds like a model answer but truly, that is what I feel.  =)

And again, I wanna thank all my friends who have been concerned about me. I know there are people who read this blog regularly and are genuinely concerned about me. Thank you, dear pals!

Having said all that, a short conversation by the photocopying machine changed a little bit of my thinking today. I was having a short chat with my colleague who encouraged me to ‘do something for yourself for the wedding’. She shared with me that she didn’t go for facial, spa etc and she kinda regrets it now, cos she says she hides her actual day wedding photos now. 😛 I was initially set on not going for facial, spa etc but now I must admit I’m kind of wavering. My darling CG has very kindly approved my budget, so the final decision is up to me.  =) At the moment, my only plan is to eat, eat and eat. Let me think if I wanna embark on another mission…  =)

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