My Birthday!

Well, this is a belated post, so it goes to show what kind of mad rush life I’ve been in…  My birthday was on Tues and guess how I spent it?  I worked my way into my birthday (cos I was rushing assignments until 12+ midnight), went to work the next morning, was kept busy all morning, went for meetings in the afternoon, came home and started rushing assignments again.  Some of my colleagues were very sweet, they went to get a cake for me, but I only had time to sing the song and blow out the candle before I rushed to work again. 

CG was busy with work so we couldn’t meet on that day (And it is not his fault at all), my family thought I would be celebrating with CG so they didn’t prepare anything, so when the cell group brought out a birthday cake last night, it was my first birthday cake of the year!  =)  I must say I am very touched.  Though it wasn’t a surprise cos CG told me beforehand…  =P  But still, I really really appreciate the effort.  Thanks so much, dear pals!  Special thanks to M, who asked her mum to bake the cake for me.  =)  CG was very sweet too, we couldn’t meet since Mon, so when he was finally free late last nite, he came over to meet me.  Even though he had a long day and he was already very tired.  Thanks, dear!  =) 

I must say, this birthday is different from my other birthdays.  For all the past birthdays, every year I celebrated it several times, with different groups of people.  My dad would always insist that we have a family lunch the weekend before my birthday and birthday dinner on my birthday itself.  I was telling CG, the non-celebration this year is a sign of ageing.  And he had to tell me, “You’ve reached the age where you don’t celebrate birthdays anymore.”  =P

But I must say, I think I’ll remember this birthday more than the rest.  Perhaps as you age, the material celebrations are not so important anymore.  Or maybe you’re just too caught up with the everyday nitty gritties.  Just the SMSes, Friendster msgs, Facebook msgs and superpokes are enough for me.  But on this day, I feel that I ought to take the effort to thank special people around me.  My family, CG, the cell group, J and JM, my ‘clique’ at work…  Thanks so much everyone!  I really thank God for all of you!  =)

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  1. Danielle says:


    I didn’t know you’re a January baby too! Happy belated birthday, gal. =)