My first 18-hole golf game

Played my first 18-hole golf game at Marina Bay Golf Course on Saturday.

I didn’t have a valid PC, so got to take the admission test. I arrived a little earlier to warm up at the range first… managed to get a bit of consistency at the range towards the end. For the admission test, I had to swing a Pitching Wedge and a 7-Iron. First swing was a miss. I topped the ball. Managed to chip it nicely on the 2nd swing. Then, the 7-iron…. Hit it nicely on the first try.. but totally messed up my second swing. The instructor gave me a pass though and told me I needed to practice more. (Hey, if you are not allowed on the course, you can’t practice right?)

Well, for the game, there was only XY and myself. We were joined by 2 others, a local chinese and an ang moh. They both had handicap of below 18, so they played from the blue marker, while we started from the white marker… it’s about 20m difference in distance. My ball basically rolled for most of the game… with some rare occasions where I hit it nicely. There was a bit of a pressure too when the local guy asked me to take my ball out when it went into the sand bunker. I still tried once first and only took it out when I failed.

All in all, it was a good but very tiring game. Lost 6 balls in all… 3 at the part where the green was surrounded by water… Gave up playing at 2 holes, the one surrounded by water and the last hole when my ball kept rolling until it went into the water. I also realised that I could lift the ball up more easily when I held the shaft lower down… wonder if it is because I’m tired, or because the shaft is too long for me… Must remember to bring lots of water and put on lots of sunblock the next time.

The admission test if valid for 1 month… so… must make full use of it 🙂

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