After 1 work trip in Trengganu, it was another mad week where we prepared for a very major event at work. I was the Chairperson of this event and I must say that the pressure and stress was very great. I was constantly reminded about the importance of this event, how everything depended on me etc etc. Perhaps the intention was to encourage me, but it only served as added pressure.

Nevertheless, I am very glad to say that the event went very well. Feedback was very positive and everything went very smoothly. Through this event, I learnt to really pray and entrust everything to the Lord. During the two months of preparation, there were many a times when I felt really helpless and discouraged. There was nothing I could do except to pray. But like I said, God is good. =) During those times when I felt down, He gave me some hope and lifted me up again. The whole journey was like a roller coaster, but I thank God for I know He was watching over me. =)

Just finished watching the charity show on Channel 8. The recent calamities in Myanmar and China really shows the unpredictability of life. It reminds us that having your loved ones by your side is more important than anything else. I know how it feels to lose a loved one and it’s certainly not a nice feeling. Sometimes we get mad with one another, hurt by what our loved one said, or we feel that our loved one may not be very good in certain things, but let’s look beyond all that. Treasure the times we have. Treasure everyone around you. =) 

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