Wedding Photos (Studio Shoot)

We took our studio photos yesterday. Our outdoor shoot is going to be at Bali, so we didn’t have to start very early.

We started around 12.30pm :p and shot until around 4.30pm. The wedding shop is located in one of those quaint shop houses at Neil Road, on the 2nd floor. The location is quite good for photography. There is a proper studio with proper backdrops, some furniture props, and even a 2nd storey window that can be used for backdrop. We even took a short walk outside for some outdoor shots.

After that, there was a surprise bbq birthday party for P and I. PG had to buy time so I was forced to go to her place to remove makeup. Yep, the make up artist put some make up for me… concealer to cover my blemishes 🙂

Tues… Bali here we come…

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