Bali Photo Shoot

We had our outdoor wedding photoshoot at Bali. We were there from 10-12 June.

Tues 10 June

Checked in to the hotel at around 1pm. Check-in, make-up and it’s off we go… 1st day was at Tanah Lot. It’s a scenic temple by the sea. PG was literally a “head-turner”. After all, who wouldn’t take a second look if you were to spot someone in a wedding gown at a beach? 😛 We took a while to get customised to all the stares but before long, we were smiling at every camera. There were several kids at the beach and our photographer got them to pose with us for one of the shots. It turned out to be a pretty nice shot. =) Finished at about 6pm and we had some maggi mee goreng at a dimly lit restaurant. I think it was the best noodles we ever had. Super nice! 🙂

Wed 11 June

Started make-up at about 6.45am the next day. Left the hotel at about 8.45am after breakfast. We went to several places to take photos. First venue was a temple… some random temple. Then a padi field, followed by Kintamani, a volcano which last erupted in 2002. The journey uphill was pretty enjoyable, as the weather was very cold. Took some shots along the roadside as we travelled up. The villagers of that area were very persistent. They practically followed us all the way, asking us to buy things from them. And I must say, they are pretty linguistically inclined. They can quote the prices in Mandarin, Hokkien, English and Malay!

Had an expensive buffet lunch at a restaurant at Kintamani. But I must admit, the view was pretty good. =) After lunch was more padi fields. We went to two other padi fields where PG had to go barefoot. We were running in the fields like little kids. PG saw a real ladybird for the first time in her life! And the excitedness were all captured by the photographer. 🙂

After the padi fields, the local driver brought us to his friend’s place so that PG could change her gown and change her hair-do. The attire this time was a bright orange gown. PG simply loves this gown. Especially how it turned out in the photos. The last venue was the Dreambeach at Jimbaran Bay. The bright colours of the gown really looked fantastic against the picturesque beach background. We had a lot of fun at this last beach. The waves were huge! There was once that PG was nearly swept away! Needless to say, we got wet at this beach. Lots of beautiful pictures were taken at this beach. Our photographer even took one to use as his wallpaper. =) What made the photo-taking session even more memorable was the fact that the beach would no longer be accessible to the public in future as it will become part of a high-class resort.

After all the fun, it was hard work. We had a hard time trying to wash the sand out of the gowns and clothing. But I would say it was still worth it.

Thurs 12 Jun

Our third day was spent walking around the area near our hotel. It was a pretty touristy place. PG learnt a special technique of bargaining. Whatever the price quoted, just simply divide by three and stick by it. If the seller would not budge, then turn and leave. If he doesn’t call you back, try again at the next shop, but with a slightly higher quote this time. :p But then again, I must add that this method is not entirely foolproof.

The final highlight of the trip was an unexpected upgrade to executive class seats. The flight was overbooked, so they had to upgrade us to executive class. Bigger seats, ate from plates, that’s about it… =)

I would say that we had great fun during this trip. And we like the shots taken. Woohoo! =)

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