Treasure your loved ones

I’ve always felt that we need to treasure our loved ones. However, the greatest irony is that sometimes we treat others better than how we would treat our own family members.

Something happened today that made me feel even stronger for my belief. Having lost my dad, I know how it feels like from knowing that you’re about to lose your loved one, to the day that you know that your loved one is gone forever. Believe me, it is not a nice feeling at all.

So friends, if you have not told your loved ones how much you love them, don’t delay anymore. Treasure each other and the times that you have. Life is vulnerable and unpredictable. Treasure every moment that you have and always be appreciative of the people in your life. Sometimes quarrels are really unnecessary, so just let things pass. It is always better to have happy memories than to be reminded of the unhappy times. So smile and be happy. =)

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