Happy Lunar New Year!

Yes, time flies, it’s the Lunar New Year again.  It used to be my favourite festive occasion, not only because of the non-stop eating, the ang pows, but rather because of the family bonding during this period of time.  My family and the entire extended family are very close.  Every now and then, we would have family gatherings and CNY is a very big thing.  This bonding was brought about by my dad.  Like I said, my dad was a very traditional man who strongly believed in family bonding.  He would always initiate family gatherings and everyone would come for a good time of bonding.  Even though he has passed away, but the family ties remain strong, though the gatherings are slightly less now…  =P

Last year, we couldn’t celebrate CNY cos my dad had passed away for less than a year.  Nevertheless, the entire extended family still got together for a time of reunion and bonding.  CNY is my mum’s favourite, and it used to be my parents’ favourite.  In the past, they would be busy as far as 2 weeks before CNY.  They would be shopping for all sorts of goodies and CNY deco 2 weeks before, clean up the house, prepare this and that etc.  This year, my mum did the shopping on her own, and I became the driver.  Of course I was also assigned some errands here and there.  Though I find it tiring, but I’m glad my mum is kept busy with the CNY preparations. 

A few hours ago, we had the reunion dinner with my extended family again.  I’ve always loved having a big extended family.  With 30+ members in the family, my house was bustling with activity.  This year the reunion dinner felt a bit different.  Firstly, my dad was not around.  Secondly, this is going to be my last reunion dinner with the entire family on the actual CNY Eve.  It does feel a bit weird and a bit sad.  But nevertheless, there was much fun and laughter. 

Tomorrow will be a morning of bai nian to my mum’s side, before coming back to another dinner with the entire extended family of my dad’s side again.  The good thing about your dad being the eldest, everyone comes, so I don’t have to go from place to place!  And CG is coming back tomorrow!  =)

Happy Lunar New Year to all!  =)

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