Day 10 – 27 Nov 2008

We left our hotel early for Himeiji. It took us about 2 hours to travel from Osaka to Himeiji. We started off with a nice McDonald’s breakfast (The Macs here taste different from Singapore) before making our way to the castle. 🙂 At the castle, they were offering combined tickets for the Himeiji castle and the Koko-en Garden. We decided to get the combined tickets since there was a discount of 20%. 🙂

The Himeiji castle is a nice place with lots of stories behind. The weather forecast was that it would be a rainy day, so we brought an umbrella along. Turned out to be bright and sunny, but oh well, the umbrella served well as a support for PG during all the climbing at the Himeiji castle. It was quite a long walk throughout the whole castle, with lots of climbing up and down. One thing that PG found pretty irritating was that at certain buildings, we were required to remove our shoes and put them into a plastic bag which you would have to carry around with you. Slippers were provided, but they were made of plastic and were very uncomfortable. Before long, PG decided to just go without the slippers. 😛

After the Himeiji castle, we made a detour to visit the Koko-en Garden. It was a picturesque sight. Perfect if you have the time to sit at the garden cafe, have a cup of tea and enjoy the scenary.


After the castle and garden, we decided to rush down to Universal Studios. We had to take the JR to the Universal City station and transfer to a Universal Studios train. Imagine our delight and amazement when we saw what greeted us.


PG felt as though we were Harry Potter! Imagine having a train waiting for you on the platform, ready to transport you to another world! 🙂

The rides at Universal Studio weren’t spectacular but there was something memorable. PG took the FIRST roller-coaster ride of her life! Yes, PG has never taken any roller-coaster rides, for fear of the ups and downs. And no matter what her friends say, she will never go on the roller-coaster. But now it’s CG who wants to go on the roller-coaster. 🙂 Honestly, the moment the roller-coaster left the tracks, PG was very tempted to raise her hand and say she wanted to get off, but it was too late. Moments later, everything was in a whirl. Final verdict : PG found it pretty fun! 🙂

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