Ixus, Coolpix, or Lumix

I’m thinking of getting a compact camera. A compact camera is always useful when travelling. In fact, I used to have a compact camera in my SLR camera bag. That was when I was still taking photos on film… when the switch to digital, I never got down to buying a digital compact camera. Also partly because of the speed at which the prices drop and new models are released.

Why now? PG was already thinking of getting a compact camera as she does not have any camera (except for her phone). As for me, I’m currently planning a trip to Europe. It’s going to be a work trip, and I don’t think I want to be carrying a camera bag about.

Last year, our choices were between the Ixus 860IS and Fuji F100fd. This time, I went back to dpreview.com for an update. There are so many new choices now. My requirements are quite basic…

  • Wide angle – at least 28mm
  • Zoom – at least 100mm
  • Camera type – Ultra Compact
  • Release Status – Current

Looks like the choices are basically between the Ixus 870IS (aka SD 880IS), Coolpix (not much difference between the S620, S710 and S610) and Lumix (anyone of the DMC-FX)

The choice is Canon if everything else is equal. I tested the older 860IS and was quite happy with its performance – Picture quality, high iso noise, exposure, white balance etc… Older models of coolpix and lumix just cannot match up. Unfortunately, life is not so simple. The current features of coolpix and lumix are quite attractive, not to mention, Canon compacts are usually more expensive too.

How, how, how…

or maybe I should spend the money on an iPhone instead… or a Nuviphone :p

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4 Responses

  1. CG says:

    Oh my… yes that would definitely be a nice camera to get… great way to start a conversation and take photos secretly :p

    Anyway, I wonder how much the nuviphone is going to cost http://www.garminasus.com

  2. Ephraim's mummy says:

    i love my ixus but my next camera will be a lumix just for the kicks…not being helpful here but have you seen the http://www.rollei.jp/e/pd/MiniDigiAF.html?

  3. Aaron says:

    Go for the Canon. Video mode on it is quite good for a compact as well. I’ve been using it as a video camera recently and the vids are good enough to post on Facebook.

  1. Mon 23 Feb 2009

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