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I realised that I haven’t posted anything for quite a while…

New Underwater Case

Yes, we bought an underwater case for our camera – the compact camera. It is an Ikelite (3rd party) underwater case, can’t tell if it is better than the OEM one. If I remember correctly, it is supposed to be rated to greater depths. Got it for $340.

We tested it when we went snorkelling in Bintan.

Now, what I need is more silicone grease…


Canon also recently launched a new digital SLR – EOS 7D. Comparing against the other models I’ve been looking at, it seems to offer everything.

  • Built-in flash – Convenient when you don’t want to take out that huge flash
  • Smaller than the EOS 5D Mark II (slightly bigger than EOS 50D) – Size is a concern because most of my shots are taken while travelling
  • Video recording – Doesn’t hurt to be able to record videos
  • 1.6x crop – Equivalent lens will be smaller, convenient for travelling
  • Wireless flash – The connection for my off-shoe cord has not been as reliable as I would like. This would be useful if I need to cover another (wedding) event

The body will cost around $2,500… hmm…

Which phone has a better camera?

A friend recently asked me this… my answer? “It is a phone, not a camera.” Don’t buy a phone expecting a camera… and don’t buy a compact camera expecting SLR quality photos and features.

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