Liu Guodong and STTA

As usual, I spend some of my time reading for the latest dirt. You could call it the New Paper for more serious news.

As I read the chinese interview of Liu Guodong taken from from Nanjing Daily in 2006 (, I feel ashamed as a Singaporean. He came, he promised, he gave his all, and he delivered.

A Coach of the Year has to be professional, have integrity, be able to gel the team and is well-respected by all his players. – Lee Bee Wah, STTA President

Instead of nominating him for as the Coach of the year, we are now questioning his professionalism and integrity!!?? What happened to 飲水思源? These are very serious claims and should be substantiated with facts! Worst of all, she has not even taken the time or effort to even meet him to explain herself.

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