Our new camera :)

If you read our previous post here, you will notice that we were looking for a compact camera. Well, we’ve finally settled on a Canon Ixus 110 IS.


We bought the blue one. 28mm wide angle with HD video recording. Of course there are lots of other features like blink detection (I wish my SLR had that…. it would be useful when taking group pictures)… and it’s only $499 from parisilk, and with 8GB SD card.

The only thing not so good is the selector at the top which allows you to set between “auto”, “camera” and “video”. The “auto” is a less obvious green while the “camera” and “video” are in white. If you get someone to take a picture for you, the person may change the setting from auto. (It happened to me.) The flash was set to “off” for the camera mode, but the picture still came out rather nice. I think I’m quite satisfied with the camera.

img_0024 No flash

img_0025 With flash

Of course, an SLR is still much better… and I am still looking to replace my Canon 350D. Now that I have a compact “travelling” camera, a built in flash is no longer a criteria for my SLR :p

I used to carry both an SLR and a compact in my camera bag, so I would still bring the SLR along when travelling, unless it is too bulky e.g. when I travel for work with my boss… With a compact, I don’t have to worry about my SLR being too big. (If I want to be discreet, use the compact.) Anyway, there are significantly more SLR users now, so carrying an SLR is less uncommon too!

I’ll leave the details for another post, another day 🙂

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