Club Med Bintan (Finale)

Day 4 (08 Sept 2009)

We decided to just take things easy and chill. After all check-out was at 11am, what else could we do? 😛 After checking out at 11am, CG went to read newspapers while I played with his iphone. Then we decided to check out the aqua aerobics class. Just watching it was already quite fun. 🙂

After a quick lunch, we went to the reception area to wait for the bus back to the Bintan Ferry Terminal. I must say that Club Med really has very good customer service. There were quite a number of G.O.s waiting at the reception area and they mingled with the G.M.s while waiting for the luggage to be loaded onto the truck. When all was done, there was fanfare played and they shook hands with the G.M.s to bid them farewell. When every guest was on the bus, the G.O.s lined the pathway to wave goodbye to the guests. I must say that in terms of service and friendliness, they certainly did very well.

On the overall, I must say that I really had a very good holiday at Club Med. For those who are looking for a place to chill out, especially those with families, I would certainly recommend Club Med. 🙂

Now that the Bintan holiday is over, I’m going to use the remaining time to catch up on this Taiwanese drama serial. Hee hee, I love holidays!  🙂

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